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Located in the heart of Beijing,  the Jianguo Hotel (Beijing Jianguo Fandian) is close to many of Beijing's major business and commercial centers as well as Beijing top attractions including Tian'anmen Square,  the Forbidden City and the Beijing Silk Market.The hotel also features unique,  luxury garden rooms perfect for couples.[View Detail]         

住客评论 2062条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • e01527404
    Good location, facilities, and price is not high, Royal Park, service
  • rio_11
    Very good! the old hotel, good service, but really can't say much. porch lights flashing.
  • drc646173772
    Facilities were old but clean environment is good just a pity poor sound insulation can be heard next door sneeze
  • nmnange
    At old to of think service certainly good results to front desk Advisory problem are not to answers playing Tai Chi. this hotel staying Hou found is foreigners compared like of a hotel, if not like a into lobby spray nasal and to of pungent of perfume taste can select. in Changan street of hub side traffic is lame taxi cannot to Tiananmen must sat Metro back hotel also to ahead go back go very trouble near no breakfast shop rarely. but out door go a hundreds of metersHas a metro station is compared convenient. scheduled who to can see garden of is intimate of to select has staying Hou only found sides landscape not as a is narrow a is wide (as figure) facilities is old moved open stool also has zhiqian guest left to of things and garbage accept can't only comfort of is double bed can spell up next not select staying. only think good of is is has days of called car service is to force is intimate.
  • grey52
    Old hotel, more foreigners live, service is OK
  • dfafas
    Preferred hotel, all services in place, not bad!
  • Cyclam
    From the international trade building, near the five-star hotel, 5 minutes walk to love shopping friends very convenient is that there is a metro station is 200 metres from the hotel, good breakfast great room sets the old, but it's worth it, and many times into the overall good
  • Islander
    Location good, feel is good. because generation friends ordered, select has away from he do locations more near of this hotel. hotel location is good, traffic, shopping are is convenience. hotel lobby clean bright, can saw garden of views, is beautiful. only insufficient of is guest compared more, slightly explicit noisy. handle staying Shi, front desk waiter service attitude is good, always surface with smile of patience answered I proposed of problem, and also friendly of on I recommended room upgrade package
  • mwmwmw
    Really good, like fantasy is good, outside of pimping women annoying
  • celiay
    Hotel and services. but room design has a big flaw, toilet was not fan! asked and was told that all rooms are. day! but find another hotel not convenient during the national day, early change. Although the age of the hotel, later reformation should also add this feature, which is a bruising!
  • JeremyDubai
    Hotel Nice
  • info66
    For travel within district near the international trade, far to many hotels chose Jianguo hotel, does not recognize me down. good location, take a taxi, bus, subway is very convenient, very close from the yummy. hotel's services are in place, is the meal price really is a bit too expensive!
  • ppming
    Location good, distance wing in Metro station only 50 meters. near 10 minutes within walk can go to built outside Soho, there has many restaurant hotel. 5 minutes away can to silk Street shopping mall. each to trade meeting are staying this hotel, price high. live of also comfortable. is convenient of. hotel breakfast also good. also has is water of free supply less has points, so small of two bottle water, fundamental on enough drink.
  • e02887494
    For travel within district near the international trade, far to many hotels chose Jianguo hotel, does not recognize me down. good location, take a taxi, bus, subway is very convenient, very close from the yummy. hotel's services are in place, is the meal price really is a bit too expensive!
  • blueboy_121
    Hotel transportation is convenient, breakfast was very good and facilities were clean and tidy, nice
  • cyang9818
    Facilities have some of the old, not very advanced, but good location
  • bamboo17
    Good breakfast, history, convenient,
  • gmgrip
    Live Nation, in addition to traffic, all full marks
  • Marsltj
    The room is a bit old
  • mywjc
    Overall, the price is not high! Holiday Inn with the same conditions!
  • jiongangel
    Hotel overall are is good Oh, no regret of select haha HA! handle check-in is smooth, reception is patience, will introduced hotel room of layout and offers activities, later I requirements for room also didn't yo complaint Oh! luggage Department of guy help I handling 4 a luggage box ha haha, handsome guys Rod Rod da! garden between was is praise! has spent has grass, I of room outside just is several cluster sunflower, sat in outside Sun Sun Sun, sent daze, suddenly bodyAt Hainan haha HA! room layout great, hydraulic is big, but sewer somewhat blocking Oh! I of room and side Shang of room just is connected room, actually noise also is good of, but unfortunately, I staying of 4 days, next door are live has a every day at 6 o'clock in the morning began will skipping of people, I is drunk has! again good of noise also can't afford to skipping of noise Ah Ah Ah! rooms service is timely, also has Goodnight service yo! pool, Khan steam, sauna are is can free using of, Bang bang Dah! breakfast 150 Yuan, I think is worth a little bit hah! hotels there are many foreigners stay, so can often smell the exotic fragrance HA HA HA! next time Beijing will choose the founding of Oh!
  • ventru
    Great room layout, as in home comfortable bed and pillow ... great!
  • Infernal Affairs
    Hotel interior decoration, nice, clean and sanitary location, the next time you stay.
  • benben46
    Very good
  • broadwell
    Good location, convenience, and service quality are satisfactory, but hotel facilities for older!
  • elainedeng
    Well, many foreigners
  • e00030800
    Old beauty check specially here, super convenient 5-minute walk away, Hotel Nice, good sanitary conditions, no breakfast, but many restaurants behind the hotel, in General, recommended
  • colgate_gao
    Every departure to Kyoto is the hotel, mainly Sweden around like shopping and cosmopolitan and convenient environment. but some aging of old equipment, carpets, furniture and so on. (The bed was very good, also foreigners praise).
  • STAR, model
    Service level is still so good! keep it!
  • beycloud
    Environmental health services there are a lot of details.
  • cc-can children
    Humans have many a great man, WY,zjx
  • pardon
    Transportation is very convenient, go out quickly to the subway. environment of the hotel is also very good, in snatching the local price of gold is very high, would consider staying again-
  • amy_leeyan
    A very good environment, surrounding traffic convenience, restaurants a lot, room cozy, loved it! cafe features an indoor small scenery, tea is very good.
  • e00152050
    Service is very good, because with a small baby, book a room facing the street, offering to help adjust to the inside at the front desk garden rooms, quiet, baby live very happy, also will stay
  • e00120427
    Very nice hotel, comfortable living service
  • lavender0627
    Good location, convenient. handle check-in very well, was very patient reception, placement and promotions of the hotel room, made sure that all late check-out no problem ... will stay again!
  • lvbaojiu
    Environment is very good, the location
  • E00481925
    Located in the center of downtown, on the tall
  • beyer
    Good location, not far from out the door is the subway, is also quite handy!
  • dalianbaobao
    Address in the city centre, convenient, on the environment nice and tall.
  • D.cat
    In General, Beijing traffic jam
  • limanli86812
    Domestic residence in a five-star hotel, very good location, convenient transportation, good service, is in the room after the rain there are earthworms, because it is frightened but also on the first floor.
  • icula
    Hotel location is very convenient hotel makes perfect! next time stay
  • liyi58
    Good location, before the famous old hotels, the overall feeling good, worthy of recommendation.
  • djy05
    Jianguo hotel has set several times, colleague reactions are good, this time in hotels reserved for foreign colleagues traveling on business, he likes, good location, convenient shopping, hotel was good, complete hardware facilities, service attitude is good, foreigners are very satisfied, said the next will be staying at Jianguo hotel, highly recommended.
  • coolyitian
    Environment naozhongqujing, good!
  • fang_lei
    Various conditions are good
  • florawong
  • liebejune
    Hotel really is, but that these days of martial law in Beijing more annoying
  • Cinsy